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WHY USE A TRAVEL AGENCY, especially after COVID-19

When we have settled into a new-normal after COVID-19 and it’s safe to travel, most of us will be well overdue for a vacation. When that time comes, Travel Agencies will definitely be one of small business owners and busy professionals’ greatest assets. Having a one-on-one, trusted relationship with a travel agency has and will continue to be more significant as the world continues to adjust to how we live due to COVID-19. This post provides three good reasons why, during and after COVID-19, small business owners and busy professionals should use a travel agency for their travel needs.

As with much of our lives, traveling in the coming years will not look the same as it did pre-COVID-19. As travel requirements continue to evolve, a travel agency can help you navigate what is sure to be a new world of airlines, hotels, cruises, and rental cars. Becoming familiar with new travel requirements and guidelines will require time to research and to contact multiple governmental agencies and travel suppliers. Most small business owners and busy professionals either do not have the extra time to complete the necessary tasks to become familiar with post COVID-19 requirements and guidelines or they don’t care to use their spare time (if they are lucky to have spare time) to do so. Travel agencies can and are completing those tasks for you.

Unlike Expedia, Priceline and other online travel shopping companies (“TSCs"), a travel agency can provide personal attention to handle any emergency that may arise during your vacation. TSCs typically cannot assist with a missed connecting flight or securing options due to a car rental provider closing early unexpectedly. Simply put, TSCs’ data-filled websites and call centers don’t compare to travel agencies’ wisdom, resources, and creativity. In fact, during the initial onset of the pandemic many travelers contacted local travel agencies for solutions and options for cancelled vacations booked through TSCs. Travel agencies rose to the occasion and helped many travelers navigate through the maze of getting refunds and rebooking vacations.

You have many options for booking your vacations. You can contact airlines, cruise lines, hotels and resorts, etc. directly; you can book your vacations through TSCs; or, you can contact a travel agency. Here are just a few reasons why you may want to use a travel agency, especially as travel requirements continue to change in response to COVID-19.

1. Travel Agencies provide you first-hand knowledge of destinations. Many travel agencies book short, fact-finding vacations to become well-acquainted with resorts, hotels and cruise lines so they can suggest the best vacation options for their clients. TSCs’ call center personnel just don’t do that. Having first-hand knowledge of sanitation protocols at hotels, resorts and cruise lines are of paramount importance during these times. Knowing that the person who is booking your vacation has first-hand knowledge of your desired destination's systems and protocols in place to keep you and your family safe adds a level of comfort during these times.

2. Travel agencies are with you throughout your vacation. Because travel agencies rely on repeat customers, we ensure our clients’ needs are met during the entire vacation experience. Travel agencies are with each client from the time they book their vacation until they return home safely. Unlike TSCs, travel agencies know you, the details of your vacation and are always available to iron out unexpected wrinkles that may occur during your vacation. Post-pandemic travel is sure to bring a few wrinkles as we settle into a new normal. Travel agencies will be here to ensure all goes well.

3. Travel agencies provide customized service and information that simply are not provided by TSCs. Travel agencies provide easy to follow, organized itineraries, tips on packing and making it through security checkpoints with ease, details about destinations, making personal reservations such as spa appointments and dinner reservations, and much more. Travel Agencies provide the fine details of insurance and trip cancellation rules and requirements to ensure clients are well-informed on how best to protect their vacation investment during and after the pandemic.

Travel Agencies do all of the aforementioned and more because our top priority isn’t just to complete a transaction. Travel agencies get to know their clients and build relationships. Travel agencies pull out every super power in its arsenal to ensure enjoyable and safe vacations for all of their clients.


Alesia Hawkins

Peacock Travel Agency

September 2020

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