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DIY Vacation-Planning Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Next Vacation

Planning a DIY vacation can be stressful and overwhelming for most people. There are so many things to remember when planning a trip DIY style - from passports and visas, to insurance & documentation -and don't forget about COVID-19 travel requirements. It's easy to make a mistake that can ruin your whole vacation.

We don't want you to make the same mistakes that we've seen so many travelers make over the years. From a bride who missed her honeymoon to a husband that got his wife's dream, birthday vacation wrong, these mistakes will make you think twice before booking your next vacation without a travel agent. Here are the top DIY travel planning mistakes that can ruin your next vacation:

1. Not Getting Travel Insurance

One of the most common mistakes people make when planning a trip is not getting travel insurance. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, travel insurance can actually save you a lot of money if something goes wrong on your trip. For example, if you have to cancel your trip due to an illness or emergency, travel insurance may reimburse you for any non-refundable expenses. It may also cover you in the event that you lose your luggage, have a delayed flight, or need to be airlifted home in the case of an accident.

Did you know that most foreign hospitals will not accept your health insurance and that you'll need to pay for medical care with cash up front? Yes, even if you are "covered" by your policy, you may need to pay out of pocket and then submit it for reimbursement when you get home -who wants that hassle. That's where travel insurance kicks in.

No one ever wants to think about the worst happening on their vacation, but it's always better to be safe than sorry!

2. Not Reading the "Fine Print" when Booking

This one can definitely come back to haunt you if you're not careful. Imagine finding a "great deal" on a hotel or rental car, and you book it without reading the reviews or taking the time to understand the terms and conditions. Only to get to your destination and realize that the "great deal" doesn't include the daily breakfast, parking fees, daily hotel taxes, resort fees or the rental car insurance and unlimited mileage.

To avoid these not-so-great surprises, take the time to read all the details before you book anything for your trip. And remember, a good travel agent will have all of these costs laid out for you before you book - that way you know exactly what you're getting and know the true cost of your vacation!

3. Not Booking with Exact Names

Depending on where you're traveling to, it's important that you use the EXACT name that is on your passport when booking flights, hotels, etc. For example, if your passport says "John Smith Jr.", but you normally go by "John Smith", you will need to book everything in the name "John Smith Jr.". If you don't, it could cause problems when you go to check-in for your flight or check into your hotel. Can you imagine getting to the airport and not being able to convince them that you're YOU? And unfortunately, most of the time you won't be reimbursed for those mistakes.

When planning your next trip, avoid making these common mistakes for a stress-free vacation! But, if you want a professional like Peacock Travel Agency to help you plan and book your entire trip, from start to finish, schedule a Meet & Greet with us today at 844-3PEACOCK! All that will be left for you to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your vacation!


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