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Cruise carriers REQUIRE a valid State-issued identification and a certified/original birth certificate or a valid U.S. passport for all passengers 16 years old or older. All passengers under age 16 years must have a certified/original birth certificate. Passengers without the aforementioned documents will not be allowed on board - NO EXCEPTIONS.
Complete the online check-in as soon as possible after your vacation has been paid in full but no later than the required time per the cruise/travel carrier. Print and bring all registration and/or contract documents per the cruise/travel carrier with you on your day of travel.

Provided full payment is received no later than your final payment due date or 30 days before your travel date, travel confirmations, itineraries, and travel instructions will be sent via email or, upon request, via U.S. Postal Service. Gift bags, if applicable, will be sent via U.S. Postal Service.

The Transportation Security Administration requires a valid, state-issued identification to board airplanes for passengers at least 18 years of age. It is advised that passengers at least 16 years old obtain state-issued identification. The federal government will require a valid passport or a REAL ID-compliant license/ID to travel domestically. 
By October 1, 2021, every state and territory resident will need to present a REAL ID-compliant license/ID, passport or passport card at the airport security checkpoint.

Arrival and Departure to/from the Cruise Port

Please ensure that your inbound flight to the port city will allow you to arrive at the port at least three hours before sailing or as advised by the cruise carrier. The cruise carrier WILL NOT delay sailing if you are late/delayed.

Your outbound flight should depart at least five hours after arrival back to the port.

Please be mindful of the drive time to/from the port to ensure the arrival/departure time frames are met.


If airline tickets are not included in your vacation package, it is suggested that you purchase your flight no later than 30 days before your travel date.

It is suggested that you should begin looking for flights no less than nine months before your travel date. The following are sites that provide alerts that advise you when airfare prices have or will decrease/increase:,, and

Please feel free to contact Peacock Travel Agency for assistance, if needed.  We would be happy to assist with booking your airline tickets.

Occasionally, Peacock Travel Agency will offer group airfare with a vacation. When available, this information will be provided with the relevant vacation details.


When making your reservations, you can choose to pay in full, select a convenient auto-payment plan through our Auto-Bill Payment Plan, or choose to make payments when convenient for you. Regardless of your payment option, you must ensure that all monies are received and paid in full by the Final Payment Due Date to avoid cancellation of your trip.

If you select our Auto-Bill Payment Plan, you must chose the frequency and amount of your payment.

You can opt-out of the Auto-Bill Payment Plan at any time by making contact with us before the payment due date. You must receive an email confirmation from Peacock Travel Agency confirming cancellation of your Auto-Bill Payment Plan in order for the cancellation to be effective.

If you choose Auto-Bill Pay Plan, you may receive monthly notices when your payment is due.

Payments must be made by check or bank card. Checks must be made payable to the appropriate cruise/travel carrier. Final Payments made by check must be received by Peacock Travel Agency at least 20 days before the Final Payment Due Date. Peacock Travel Agency holds no responsibility for lost or delayed mail.

All payments are made directly to the cruise/travel carrier and, therefore, any refunds and cancellations are subject to the pertinent cruise/travel carrier's cancellation policy.

Before Peacock Travel Agency can process any payment via a bank card, you must provide authorization for the travel carrier to charge your bank card via our Credit Card Authorization form.  

Other Information

Most cruise carriers allow you to bring one, 750 ml bottle of wine per adult passenger and 12 cans of soda on board. Keep in mind airline carriers do not allow more than three ounces of liquid in carry-on luggage/personal bag.  You would need to check your luggage if you bring the prescribed wine or soda.

Reservations must be made in your full name as it appears on your passport or State-issued identification.
You are responsible to keep Peacock Travel Agency informed of telephone, email, and U.S. Postal Service address changes to ensure timely communication regarding your vacation documents.

All costs quoted herein are subject to change based on availability and changes to the travel carrier's rates until booked. Peacock Travel Agency holds no responsibility in travel carriers' decisions to change its rates.

Name substitutions or name changes maybe subject to cancellation charges and any rate increases imposed by cruise carriers. Cruise carriers may impose a service fee for name corrections.

Cancellation of third, fourth or fifth roommates may subject the remaining cruise passenger(s) to additional costs.
All images provided herein are for demonstration purposes only and may not represent actual staterooms, ships, resorts, experiences, etc.

Making vacation reservations with Peacock Travel Agency signifies your acceptance of Peacock Travel Agency's terms and conditions.

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